How to Delete a Recipe

In this article we'll show you how to delete a recipe. Maybe you added a second recipe by accident, or added the wrong recipe to the wrong post. You'll definitely want to be able to remove it if you need to.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1 - Find the Recipe in your blog content

Find the recipe box that you want to delete inside your blog content. Double check once more to make sure that the recipe you're looking at is for sure the one you want to get rid of. You don't want to delete the wrong post and have to enter the recipe again.

Step 2 - Delete your recipe

Click the "Delete Recipe" button to remove your recipe from the post content.

You'll be asked to confirm that you really want to delete the recipe. We do, so go ahead and click "OK".

Step 3 - Update your post

IMPORTANT: If you skip this step, your changes will not be saved or made public. 

Click "Update" to publish your changes and make them available for the public. Now the recipe you deleted will no longer be part of your blog post.

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