How to Add a Recipe

In this tutorial we'll cover the process for adding your first recipe to WordPress using the Cookbook plugin. We've spent many hours trying to refine this publishing process to make it as simple as possible, and we hope you find that it's the easiest recipe plugin you've ever used.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1 - Add a New Post

In your WordPress dashboard go to Posts --> Add New and add a new standard WordPress post.

Step 2 - Add Content to your post

Add any content you'd like to your post. This is everything except for your actual recipe. You can add images, a few paragraphs of intro and closing text. Whatever you'd like to add context to the recipe itself.

Step 3 - Add the Recipe

Find the section of your blog post where you'd like to display your recipe. Then click the "Add Recipe" button at the top of the WordPress editor.

Clicking the "Add Recipe" button will open the recipe modal window where you can complete all of your recipe details.

Enter the recipe information in the Details pane, and then get ready to move on and complete the information on each tab inside the window.

Complete the Ingredients & Instructions tab

Complete the Notes tab

Complete the Nutrition Tab

Click "Insert Recipe" and you'll see the Recipe added to the content area of your blog post.

Step 4 - Publish Your Recipe

Once your recipe has been added to your post, and you've selected a category, Publish your post.

You did it! You've successfully added a new recipe to your blog for the world to enjoy. Now get out there and share it with your friends!

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