Submitting a Support Request

You can always talk to our team by emailing directly, or by clicking "Contact" on our website or knowledgebase, but we want to make talking to our team as simple as possible. That's why we added the ability to submit a support request right from within your WordPress dashboard. Below are the instructions to take advantage of that nice benefit.

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Step 1- Activate your License Key

This is something you should have completed during the  initial setup and activation of Cookbook. But just in case you haven't, be sure that your license key is active. This is the only way to open the support channel in your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2 - Fill out the form and submit your request

Navigate to Cookbook --> Support and you should see a form to enter your support request and email. If you don't see this form, check the settings menu again to ensure that your license is active and valid.

Then, fill out the form and click "Submit Support Request". That's it!

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