Installing and Activating Cookbook

In this tutorial we'll cover how to install and activate the Cookbook plugin for WordPress. We've broken the process down into six quick and easy steps. We've designed Cookbook to be incredibly easy to setup, so this tutorial should take less than a minute for you to complete.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

Open your WordPress dashboard and go to the Plugins menu on the left hand side of the screen. Click "Add New".

Step 2

Find the "Upload Plugin" button and click it.

Step 3

Browse your computer and find the archive. If you haven't already downloaded this archive to your computer, check your order receipt for a download link. Once you've downloaded the file to your local hard drive, you can choose to upload it on this screen.

Step 4

Click "Install Now".

Step 5

Once the installation process has completed, activate Cookbook by clicking the "Activate Plugin" link in your WordPress dashboard.

Step 6

Go to Cookbook --> Settings in your WordPress dashboard, paste in your license key (this key should be included in your order receipt), and click the "Activate License" button.

Then click "Save Changes"

Important: You WILL NOT receive updates to the Cookbook plugin if you don't complete this step of activating your license. Be sure to activate your license to ensure you get plugin security updates and enhancements in the future.

Troubles with Activation

If you experience troubles with activation it's usually due to a copy/paste error of some kind. We recommend following these steps to retry activation:
  1. Remove the license key from the plugin settings and save changes
  2. Re-add the key to the plugin settings ensuring that there are no additional spaces or extra characters before or after your license key.
  3. Click the "Activate License" button and the plugin status should change to "Active"

If you're still experiencing trouble you can reach out to our support team at for additional help.

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