Known Theme and Plugin Conflicts

TinyMCE Advanced

If you have this plugin installed you'll need to make sure under the  Advanced Settings that the Keep paragraph tags option is unchecked.  This breaks the Cookbook markup as their settings warn that this option *could* have unexpected behaviour.

Recipe Ratings and Jetpack

The Jetpack comment form strips out anything tied to the default WordPress commenting system.  Since recipe ratings are tied to the comment system, the recipe ratings will not display with Jetpack comments enabled.


There *was* a known conflict in the first release of Cookbook with the Redirection plugin where a redirect was created which resulted in a redirect when accessing the recipe post.  This conflict was addressed and fixed in v1.1.0 - but the redirect that was created needs to be deleted.  If you are having this issue, please check the Redirection settings and remove any redirect to the post in question.

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